Venus IRIDIUM + GPS Tracking Antenna

Price: 88,04 EUR +VAT
Price: 88,04EUR +VAT
EUR 105.64 (VAT included)
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*YOU SHOULD ASK A QUOTATION when you need to buy particular accessories; for example an antenna and cable so that we can give you the correct cable to connect your antenna to your device with all adapters that you may need.

The Iridium VENUS IR antenna is based on a ceramic patch and patented filtering mechanism. The VENUS is a very popular design produced by Webb Industries for their GSM/GPS, GSM/GPS/WLAN range of antennas. Contact us for more details on this and other products for Iridium.Application:Tracking and Monitoring

Included in the Package:
Venus IRIDIUM + GPS Tracking Antenna
  • Operating Temperature -30°C to +80°C
  • Mounting The antenna is groundplane independent. Performance will vary unless the antenna has a clear line of sight with the horizon.
  • Cable Length Standard length is 30cm
  • RG174/RG174 - Iridium/GPS
  • Antenna Dimensions 110 x 55 x 35 mm
  • Drill hole 19mm hole
  • Connectors Typically SMA male on both
  • Cables* LMR240 cable extensions are available
Frequency Range 1616-1626 MHz 1575 MHz
Element Gain (exl.cable) 4 dB 5 dBiC
Amplifier Gain  - 24 dB +/- 1 dB
Max. Axial Ratio - < 3dB
VSWR  1.5:1 < 2:1
Rated Power  10 W 1W
Polarisation RHCP RHCP
Voltage -  3-5 V
Isolation/Decoupling 12 dB 12 dB
Noise Figure  - 2 dB max.
Current Sink   < 20 mA
Amplifier DC Power  - 3 to 5 VDC on coax cable (+ve centre)
Impendance 50 Ohms 50 Ohms

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Venus IRIDIUM + GPS Tracking Antenna

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